Wormin – Human Parasite Cleanse Supplement

Frees the body from all types of parasites!

✔ Cleans the body of parasites, fungi and harmful bacteria.
✔ Contains a large amount of resin, ascorbic acid, alkaloids, saponins, steroid glycosides and tannins.
✔ Eliminates blood and liver parasites, stimulates hematopoiesis and blood purification.

Wormin human parasite cleanse supplement is the fastest way to get rid of a dangerous pathology and regain your health. The unique product is one of the best in its group.

According to European helminthologists and infectious disease specialists, the regular use of a Wormin for body detox dietary supplement guarantees the elimination of up to 99% of parasite species, including the most dangerous: Opisthorchis, Giardia, Ascarididae. The natural formula has no side effects and is suitable for all age groups. The product has been clinically tested and proven to be of high quality.

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98% of people have had contact with parasites at least once in their life. In most cases, we do not notice this, because the immune system effectively copes with parasitic invasions. But with weakened immunity, worms can settle in the body and poison it. Young children, people with autoimmune diseases or the elderly are at risk. In addition, parasites are often found in pet owners.

How can you get infected with worms? There are several different ways of infection:

  • When interacting with cats, dogs.
  • By public transport.
  • When using paper banknotes.
  • In restaurants, cafes, cinemas, attractions.
  • Through dirty water.
  • When eating contaminated fish or meat without heat treatment.
  • In the office on contact with the keyboard and mouse.
  • Through unwashed hands.

In the early days, helminths may not manifest themselves in any way. But over time, the state of health deteriorates sharply. The first typical symptoms of the disease are digestive problems, itching in the anus and rectum, and headaches. In some cases, there is an increased appetite or a sharp decrease in weight. Many people suffering from helminthiasis have skin problems (dermatitis, rash, redness, flaking). Parasitic infestation can be characterized by massive hair loss and deterioration of the nails.

If you feel unwell or have characteristic symptoms of the disease, you need to start treatment as soon as possible. An effective way to cleanse the body of parasites is the Wormin Singapore complex. These are 100% natural food capsules containing plant extracts, vitamins and trace elements. The product displays high efficiency against all classes and subspecies of parasites. This allows you to safely remove worms and boost immunity for several weeks.


Dietary supplement for the prevention and treatment of helminthiasis. The package contains 10 natural capsules with high potency. The product is recommended for use as a general strengthening complex of vitamins. Has a mild laxative and diuretic effect. Frees the body from adult parasites, and also removes the eggs of worms. Helps to neutralize the threat to the body and increase the resistance of immunity to infections. Within 4 weeks of use, the dietary supplement removes toxins and toxins accumulated inside organs and systems.

Scientific studies have documented improved sleep, digestion and appetite with this herbal formula. More than 98% of the subjects completely got rid of the symptoms of the disease and were able to protect themselves from possible relapses.

The opinion of an immunologist:

Many people neglect personal hygiene advice. I have always been against the promotion of dishes in restaurants where meat or fish is served raw or not fully thematic. All this carries a direct threat of helminthiasis for people. Unfortunately, none of us can be 100% protected from parasites. This disease can manifest itself after 1-2 weeks or even several months after infection. To identify a specific type of parasite, you need to pass a large number of tests, and even they cannot always confirm the fact of infection. I recommend this parasite cleanse pills to patients. It is one of the few products on the market that is highly effective against parasitic infections. Using it you can get good results at home. I’m not sure what Wormin pharmacy is selling. But my patients order the product online.

The capsules are one of the most beneficial anthelmintic products on the market. Wormin price 40-70% cheaper than most pharmacy counterparts.

Directions for use: Take 1 capsule on an empty stomach and drink 300 ml of water. Complete the full course for 4 weeks to achieve sustainable results. The product is available over the counter. Observe the dosage.

Good news! Now you can Wormin buy in Singapore. The food supplement is not available in pharmacies, but you can take advantage of the offer from the official website.

For order caps, follow the link and fill out the form on the website. In a few minutes, an online consultant will contact you to clarify all the questions. The package will be sent to the address provided and you will receive it in 3-5 days. Payment after receiving.

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