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For decades, anthropologists have studied ancient cultures that practiced various ways to improve male sexual qualities, but it is not pleasant to talk about this openly, even in scientific and medical journals. We found interesting information that back in the 50s of the last century, in various scientific manuals on anatomy, disputes were held regarding the possibility of physical impact on the male penis in order to change its length or circumference. But later they tried to keep silent about this issue. The renewed interest in the topic of possible methods of penis correction began to revive with the development of the plastic surgery industry. Today we want to discuss in detail all possible solutions to this delicate problem and choose among them those that really deserve attention.

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Penis Enlargement Techniques

Today, there are several dozen different techniques and manipulations that potentially promise a possible change in the length or diameter of the male genitals. We will not dwell on completely exotic options, but will try to highlight the most common options.


Surgery as a method of penis enlargement was first discussed in 1991. But few people know that for the first time such an idea was expressed by an American surgeon back in 1970. Initially, it was proposed to change the length of the organ by introducing a special filler material directly into the head of the penis. The first operations were quite successful and even had an immediate effect, but over time, patients began to complain of side effects. For many of them, filler material accumulated in the middle of the penis, creating an ugly thickening. In addition, filling the penis only resulted in enlargement, but had no effect on length. Over the years, technology has made significant progress. A revolutionary discovery was the method of cutting the ligaments that support the penis inside our body. Look for Rhino Gold Gel Singapore and order now! This minimally invasive operation has become widespread throughout the world, since one of the few gave a really good result in increasing the length. But here again additional problems arose. The operation requires anesthesia, and this is already a certain risk for a person. In addition, even a minimally invasive surgery requires several weeks of rehabilitation. How do you explain to your wife or your boss at work why you won’t be there for a few weeks? Well, the most important drawback is the cost. You will have to work hard to save money for one such procedure. And in some cases, it is necessary to carry out at least 2-3 procedures in order to achieve the desired result. Don’t want to experiment with your health? Then try Rhino Gold Gel Penis Enlargement Product! This product will pleasantly surprise you with its capabilities!


Manual techniques for influencing the penis in order to improve its function or size has a lot in common with bodybuilding. Here you are invited to, as it were, pump your penis, using certain exercises, diets or adaptations for this. Vacuum has been popular for a long period of time and various types of vacuum pumps have been sold in sex shops around the world. Find out the fastest way Rhino Gold Gel buy in Singapore. Hyperemia (vacuum traction) of the penis does work, but not as fast or as well as you might expect. Clinical studies prove that if you carry out similar procedures using a pump every day for 12 months, you can count on 2-3 additional centimeters. Another method is mechanical using an extender. Everything is a little different here. A special device with a sliding mechanism is put on the penis. With the help of clamps, the penis is gradually extended and thereby stretched. The method can also be attributed to the group of conditionally effective, it again requires at least 1-2 years of use in order to see at least some results. Try this Sex Enhancement and see it works!


They are divided into two types: hormonal pills or natural dietary supplements (capsules, powders, syrups). As for hormone therapy, it is forbidden to use it without the direct prescription of a doctor. Uncontrolled use of steroid pills can lead to disruption of the entire hormonal system and even more serious health consequences. As for dietary supplements, most of their task is to stimulate an erection and make the penis harder. But such capsules can never change length. Read on for description and you will see which method is really effective.


More than 80% of penis enlargement creams on the market are “pacifiers” and have no effect. But even this category has its exceptions. Today we will tell you about a product that has managed to turn the minds of scientists and help millions of men around the world. Meet the revolutionary scientific breakthrough – Rhino Gold Gel penis enlargement!

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According to many authoritative experts, it was the appearance of the Rhino Gold Gel order opportunity that became the main solution for many guys who had to feel an inferiority complex due to their small size. An innovative formula based on L-Arginine, derived from the horn of the white rhinoceros, helps to naturally expand the corpora cavernosa of the penis and leads to natural enlargement without harm to health and without side effects. A product that works 100% more efficiently than its counterparts.

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