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Performer 8
New technologies for men’s health!

✔ Helps to maintain an erection after 50 years.
✔ Increases sexual desire.
✔ Increases natural testosterone levels.
✔ Increases the duration of intercourse.

Performer 8 description: a food supplement formulated with herbal ingredients to prevent and treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. The bottle contains 90 original capsules intended for oral use as a supplement to the main diet. Official website of the manufacturer Judging by the reviews on the Internet, this product has many positive characteristics and can be a good alternative to Viagra or other pharmacy analogues. We offer an independent Performer 8 Male Enhancement Pills test to evaluate the effectiveness of these capsules.

Performer 8 – Description, Price, Buy, Order, Delivery

Despite the huge selection of modern means for potency on the market, it is not easy to choose a really worthwhile product. In many cases, the promises made in advertisements are not fulfilled in any way and this leads to disappointments. Fortunately, when we talk about Performer 8 Sex Enhancement Supplement, there is some overwhelming evidence that this product is effective.

An advanced natural formula designed to prevent the main signs of erectile dysfunction, prevent problems with the prostate gland and reduce libido. The product helps to restore lost sexual strength, improve the quality and brightness of orgasm, and improve the condition of the genitourinary system. The manufacturer cites several authoritative studies of individual ingredients in its formula at once, which confirm the beneficial properties.

What ingredients does this dietary supplement contain?


The unique ashwagandha-based ingredient has a number of specific properties. Known to science as a natural testosterone booster, as well as a product that eliminates anxiety and fear during sex. Contains a variety of vitamins and minerals to help improve the quality of sex and support health.

Muira Puama.

Strengthens blood flow to the pelvic organs, eliminates congestion and improves the condition of the prostate. Prevents erectile dysfunction. Because of the ability of this ingredient to expand the filling of the corpora cavernosa, many use Performer 8 penis enlargement pills. It interacts perfectly with other components of the formula and greatly enhances their effect.

Maca root.

An exotic plant from Peru that has been used by local tribes for thousands of years as an aphrodisiac. It has been shown to be effective in increasing libido and prolonging the duration of intercourse. Supports male strength and endurance, improves metabolism.

Horny Goat Weed.

A plant that has the ability to expand the permeability of the blood vessels located inside the penis. Creates a more powerful blood pressure, which leads to hard and long-lasting erections at any age.

These are just the main ingredients. A complete list of the nutrients included in the composition of these capsules can be found on the manufacturer’s official website.

What can I get if I decide to Performer 8 order and start taking the capsules as directed?

Most likely, you will feel some improvement associated with the restoration of sexual health, erection and prevention of signs of impotence. The product is recommended by many leading experts, and hundreds of positive customer reviews can be found on the Internet. However, you should not take a dietary supplement as a complete substitute for the treatment prescribed by your healthcare provider.

It’s safe?

Taking into account the statements of the official website and the composition of the incoming ingredients, we can make a preliminary conclusion that if the recommended daily dosage of the food supplement is used, there are no particular health risks and it will be quite safe. But it is always best to check with an expert before starting a course.

How long will I have to drink Performer 8 Singapore?

It depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and related factors. The minimum course is 30 days.

Does Performer 8 pharmacy sell?

To the best of our knowledge, this dietary supplement is not sold in pharmacies. If you want to Performer 8 buy in Singapore, this can only be done through the manufacturer’s official website. Buyer must be over 18 to order Performer 8 delivery.

How much does this item cost?

The food supplement is sold in 3 different packages. Performer 8 price depends on the selected configuration. In order to clarify the cost, contact the seller’s representatives and ask them your questions.

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