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Mold fungi existed on our planet long before the appearance of humans on it. At all times, the interaction of people with these types of infection caused unpleasant health consequences and complications. Only in recent years have scientists been able to achieve certain success in the study of methods of exposure and treatment of diseases of the skin and nails caused by a fungal infection. Today we will have Myco Nuker antifungal product on review. There is a lot of different information about him on the Internet, but we want to hear an expert opinion. It is for this reason that we contacted Dermatologist Matthew Tuiloma, who agreed to answer the most frequently asked questions about this product.

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– Doctor, what is a fungal infection?

– This is a common disease that occurs in 16-25% of the world’s population in one form or another. Many people can be asymptomatic carriers of the infection, infecting others. In general, science has classified more than 200 types of fungi. Among the most common, I can name dermatophytes. Most often, dermatophytes affect nails and hair, since they need a lot of keratin to support life. There are also a huge number of different types of fungi that affect the skin.

– How can you get infected?

– There are many ways of infection. They can be conditionally divided into direct and indirect methods of transmission of infection. In the first case, infection occurs through contact with a person or animal that has this disease. In the second case, infection occurs through contacts with common items.

– How does this disease manifest itself?

– Early nail and skin mycosis may not cause serious irritation or unpleasant symptoms. Few people pay attention to the appearance of small red spots or slight peeling. Over time, the disease spreads and there are several more different foci. The longer the symptoms are ignored, the more new cells will be infected with the infection. Therefore, I do not recommend postponing treatment.

– Have you seen the ad for Myco Nuker Toenail Fungus Treatment Supplement yet? What can you say about this product?

– I have not only seen, but also actively prescribe this natural remedy to many of my patients. I can talk for a long time about the benefits of these capsules, but I will try to explain everything briefly. You must understand that the infection is not only on the surface of the skin. Some spores get so deep that they cannot be treated with regular antifungal cream or ointment. You can apply any cosmetic product daily for as long as you like, but as soon as you stop using it, the disease will return. That is why I recommend the combined treatment. Together with the use of ointments against fungal infection, I advise patients Myco Nuker order. This food supplement is highly effective. The capsules act on the site of infection from the inside, destroying 100% of the infection. This guarantees full recovery of health and additional protection against possible relapses for a long time.

– Myco Nuker description says you need to take capsules for at least 3 months. Why take so long?

– In fact, it is not long. The average duration of a course of treatment of mycosis with a cream or ointment is from 6 to 12 months (and this does not guarantee success). When you use BIO Fungus Nuker pills, full recovery is achieved after 2-3 months of continuous use. It’s also an easier way to use it. To use the ointment, special conditions are constantly needed, and you can drink the capsules with water at any time and anywhere.

– Well, yes, I agree with you. How often do doctors use Myco Nuker Singapore?

– Many of my fellow dermatologists also distinguish these pills from other methods of treating fungal infections. I can say that lately this is one of the most demanded methods, because it is safe and effective. Look at the ingredients of the formula – it contains only plant extracts, vitamins and beneficial trace elements. There are no side effects or allergies when using the dietary supplement.

– If my friend needs this tool, how can I Myco Nuker buy in Singapore?

– I want to warn you right away: do not waste time looking for Myco Nuker pharmacy. As far as I have information, the product is not sold in pharmacies. For our patients, we order it in bulk with online delivery. I recommend choosing this method because it saves time and money. You will receive your package in just a few days. And if you order more than 3 bottles, then Myco Nuker price becomes even cheaper.

– How long does Myco Nuker delivery take.

– Well, I received my parcel 7 days after placing an application on the seller’s website. How it will be in your case – I do not know. It is better to find out from the operator-consultant.