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What is 1 centimeter? In everyday life, we do not attach much importance to this distance and consider it insignificant. But in a sexual relationship, that’s a pretty decent difference. When it comes to centimeters, the first associations are associated with the male penis. For 89%, the desire to enlarge their penis is an obsession that simply cannot be ignored. For the sake of the cherished few centimeters, they are ready for anything: stuffing themselves with pills with unknown contents, using vacuum pumps, extenders, “magic” diets and physical exercises. More desperate men are looking for a good surgeon and are willing to risk their health to solve the problem. At this point, a completely natural question arises: why expose yourself to such high risks, if today you can use Gigant penis enlargement gel? This is a professional product that not only stimulates blood flow to the pelvic organs, but also performs a number of other important functions.

Gigant – Description, Price, Buy, Order, Delivery

The unique Gigant non-surgical penis enlargement formula will help you completely get rid of an inferiority complex at home. Forget about other methods because you won’t need them anymore. Studies have shown that after 1 month of daily massage using natural cream, you can increase the length of the penis up to +5 cm! And this is just one of the many useful properties of the product. Experts are convinced that the gel is one of the fastest, safest and most affordable ways to achieve the desired size without surgery. If you want to choose a really high quality and proven product, try gel for men. Already after the first application, you can feel the improvement. But the maximum result will be noticeable after 20-30 days.


  • Stimulates the growth of tissues of the head and base of the penis.
  • Increases the rate of cell division.
  • Expands blood vessels and provides stronger blood flow to the penis.
  • Improves intracellular processes and metabolism.
  • Moisturizes and reduces irritation of the skin of the glans penis.
  • Strengthens the genitourinary system, destroys blood stagnation in the prostate.
  • Reduces the risk of developing prostatitis and prostate adenoma.
  • Helps to control intercourse and increase its duration.
  • Promotes the generation of more semen volume.
  • Increases the increase in testosterone levels in the body.

The Singapore cream is especially recommended for men who have signs of psychological impotence or small penis syndrome. You can get good results at home and without outside help. The massage procedure is very simple and does not take much time. You can apply the cream to your skin and massage it for 10-15 minutes. This will give a powerful influx of energy and enhance beneficial properties.


I decided to Gigant buy in Singapore because I’m tired of living with a small penis. When I undressed, women often laughed or were upset. It was terrible, because I could not control the sexual intercourse and many positions in sex were simply not available. I started to massage with this gel as indicated in the instructions. For the first time, I did not feel any special changes except that the erection lasted 2 hours. Gradually, I began to feel an improvement. After about 14 days, I took a ruler and measured it on. My penis has grown by as much as 2.4 cm! It is fantastic! After another 20 days I saw that it increased by another 1.5 cm. In total, in 1 month I increased the length by almost 4 cm!

In my life, almost everything is good: a successful business, real estate around the world, expensive cars, yachts and even my own golf club. I am a big businessman who attracts the attention of many women. But there is one drawback that even my closest friends do not know about. I have a member of 11 cm. It’s awful. You have no idea how many times I have encountered problems in sex. Once he even called a prostitute for himself at home, but when she saw me naked, she offered to just return the money back and left. I am terribly afraid of operations, but at some point I was even ready for a surgical solution of the issue. But in the clinic where I turned for help, they recommended Gigant order to start. I didn’t think that the gel could fix the situation so quickly. I have been using it for 1 month. During this time, my penis has grown to 14 cm! This is not the ultimate dream, but it is already much better than it was!

When looking for this item, you should remember that Gigant pharmacy does not sell. The original gel is supplied to the EU countries after a corresponding application is made on the manufacturer’s official website. Depending on the workload of the courier service, delivery can take from 3 to 7 working days. For more information, contact the seller directly. Get the size you’ve always dreamed of.

We also want to draw your attention to the fact that it has fallen by price and is the most profitable on the market today. Only adult buyers can buy the gel. To place an order, leave your phone number in the application on the seller’s website.