Folisin – Hair Growth Vitamins

If you want thick and strong hair!

✔ Induces the anagen phase and shortens the telogen phase
✔ Antiandrogen properties
✔ Maintains the hair’s pigmentation
✔ Slows down hair loss

More recently, Folisin hair growth vitamins has appeared on the market. Many media outlets have already called it a real breakthrough in the treatment of male pattern baldness and have begun to actively advertise it. But we would like to clarify several important questions and discuss the popularity of this product with a specialist. We were contacted via Skype by Dr. Ramley, Ph.D. in trichology. Below is an excerpt from an interview in which we discussed not only Folisin natural remedy for hair loss, but also other methods of solving this problem.

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– Doctor, how many men suffer from baldness?

– Enough. In recent years, there has been a decrease in the average age of patients who seek help from trichologists. If earlier they were men 40-50 years old, now they are 24-45 years old.

– What is it connected with?

– First of all, with the ecology, nutrition, lifestyle of modern people. See what we eat: foods low in vitamins and nutrients. Constant stress, excessive use of hairdressing services, hormonal imbalance and other factors negatively affect hair health. Being in such conditions, we age much faster than our biological clock, so the problems of old people become relevant even for young guys.

– As far as I understand, hair loss is to some extent a natural process. How to distinguish norm from pathology?

– According to statistics, from 80 to 100 hairs should fall out from your head per day. This is an indicator of the norm, which should not be conspicuous and cause certain problems. If you start to see hair all over the place (on your pillow, in the bathroom, on your clothes, in your food, or on the floor), chances are the situation is out of control. As a rule, this is caused by an imbalance in the stages of hair development. There are only three of them: anagen (hair growth), telogen (dormant state) and catagen (withering away). The cause of baldness is mainly the shortening of the anagen phase and the prolongation of the catagen. Hair that is at rest for a long time becomes more fragile, loses its vitality and is more susceptible to hair loss.

– How do you feel about hair transplantation?

– I believe that there is nothing wrong with this procedure, but there are several important nuances. Hair transplant surgeries should be carried out in the event that there are no other alternative solutions to the problem. Unfortunately, the cost of one such procedure is too expensive, so it is simply unaffordable for many people. You always need to be aware of which of the options is advisable to use in each individual case.

– Doctor, have you heard anything about Folisin dietary supplement for hair growth?

– Not only heard! I actively use this food supplement in the treatment of my patients.

– Folisin description gives a lot of different information. Can I get your expert opinion on the product?

– It is a 100% herbal nutritional formula based on extracts and vitamins. The product contains unique components that can strengthen the hair structure, restore the biological properties of the follicles and increase resistance to hair loss. As far as I know, capsules actively prolong the duration of the anagen phase and shorten the telogen phase. Thanks to this, the hair retains its original appearance, becomes smoother and thicker.

– Why has Folisin Singapore become so popular? Can you single out the main reasons?

– Firstly, it has practically no analogues. If you analyze the offers on the market, you can be convinced of this. Secondly, 90% of shampoos or other cosmetics are useless because they do not solve the root of the problem. In the case of capsules, the situation is different. Your body receives a complex of vitamins that it needs to activate the growth of healthy and strong hair. Third, it has been clinically proven to boost natural testosterone synthesis and support male health.

– If suddenly one of our readers decides Folisin buy in the Singapore, how can he do it?

– I would advise you to contact the manufacturer directly (as I and my patients do). I have never met Folisin pharmacy in free stock. When ordering through the official website, I save up to 40% on the purchase of this product, especially if they make a bulk order. The goods are delivered to me directly at home by courier service. I pay upon receipt. It’s very convenient for me, because I don’t have to waste my time.

– How long does it take to get Folisin delivery?

– From the moment of placing an order on the site, it takes 2 to 5 working days. There were slight delays a few times, but in general the goods are delivered very quickly. I was pleasantly surprised that the courier did not know anything about the contents of the package and its purpose. That is, you can be sure of the confidentiality of the transaction if you decide Folisin order.

– How much does 1 package cost?

– I do not remember. Better check Folisin price with the seller.

– Thank you, we hope our readers will find this information useful.

– Always happy to help. If you have any questions or are interested in this product, I will leave a link to the site where I ordered the capsules.

– Well! And we will indicate this link under our interview.